Steinberg Hypersonic VSTi v1.0

 Steinberg Hypersonic VSTi v1.0  

Hypersonic  is  the music workstation that adds more power, more
       versatility  and  more  sounds  to  your system than you've ever
       dreamt   of.   With   it's   excellent  sound-per-system  specs,
       uncompromised  sound  quality,  fast  and easy tweaking options,
       Hypersonic   is   the   ultimate   sound   factory   for   every
       computer-based musician.
       Hypersonic  is both a compositional workhorse and an expandable,
       high-performance  sample  player  /  synthesizer.  It  takes the
       musical  instrument  workstation concept to computer-based music
       production  environments  with  higher  quality, easier use, and
       more effective playability than ever before.
       With  5  high quality sound generation engines, a large built-in
       patch  library  with  1000  patches from more than 50 categories
       featuring   Wizoo's  acclaimed  sound  design,  it  delivers  an
       unbelievable  amount  of  sounds,  effects,  voices and outputs,
       allowing  you  to  generate  more high-quality sounds in a given
       system than ever before.
       A  fully  integrated  database  makes finding the right sounds a
       breeze;  "hyper  knobs"  allow  for  quicker,  easier  and  more
       "intelligent"  sound-tweaking  than ever before at the turn of a
       single  knob.  Thanks to its proprietary and unique optimization
       engine,  Hypersonic  dramatically  reduces  CPU  load,  RAM/disk
       space    requirements,    and    patch/combi    loading   times.
       Hypersonic's  synthesis engines and sound library are expandable
       by Hyper Modules.
       - 16 channels playable simultaneously
       - Integrated mixer with level, pan, output, FX1-4 send
       - Integrated super - fast search engine
       - Context - sensitive "Hyper Display"
       - Hyper Knobs for fast and effective sound tweaking
       - Expansion bay for sound/sample library expansion or
         synthesizer modules
       - Integrated MIDI keyboard
       - Seamless, comfortable integration into VST 2.0
         compatible hosts
       - and much more....

Steinberg Hypersonic VSTi v1.0 - Cracked / Full

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